Rhodium chloride

Cas No: 20765-98-4
Formula: RhCl3. NH2O
Appearance: black and red crystal

Application scope:

A catalyst for the reduction of cinnamaldehyde and the conversion of methane to acetic acid by coupling reaction with aryl boric acid.

   RhCl3. NH2O, Cas No: 20765-98-4, appearance: black red crystal, mainly used in the reduction of cinnamaldehyde catalyst, accompanied by aryl boric acid coupling reaction. A catalyst for the conversion of methane into acetic acid. Soluble in water, hydrochloric acid, acetone, alcohol and alkali solutions, insoluble in ether and aqua regia by strong heat loss of crystalline water into insoluble, and then decomposed into rhodium and chlorine gas. Store at room temperature, dry and airtight.


Rh content
Black red crystal
Molecular formula
Melting point 
450-500 °C
CAS no.
Iron (Fe) content
Nitrate (NO3-1) content