Cas No: 7439-88-5
Molecular formula: Ir
Molecular weight: 192.22

Application scope:

Used in chlor-alkali industry, electronic communication, aerospace, laser crystal industry.

   Iridium powder, purity: Ir 99.95%, CAS no. : 7439-88-5, molecular formula Ir, molecular weight: 192.22; Gray powder, insoluble in monoacid and aqua regia, can be converted into oxides by sodium melting with its subordinate units, and then dissolved in aqua regia. Melting point: 2454, the boiling point: 4130 ° C, specific gravity 12.02. Widely used in chlor-alkali industry, electronic communications, aerospace, laser crystal industry. Pure iridium is used in aircraft spark plugs and also in the manufacture of scientific instruments, thermocouples, resistance wires, tap water nibs, high temperature resistant alloys and catalysts. Iridium powder according to the use of different purity and technology have certain requirements: for example, enzyme reagents, there are rough enzyme, crystallization enzyme, multiple crystallization enzyme and do not contain some miscellaneous enzyme enzyme preparation, biochemical reagents have three production methods: (1) separation from the organism, purification (2) chemical synthesis (3) fermentation.

P&C parameters

Iridium purity ≥99.95%
appearance Gray powder
Molecular formula Ir
The molecular weight 192.22
CAS no. 7439-88-5
Melting point 2454℃
The boiling point 4130°C