VOC organic waste gas purification catalyst

Cas No: 7440-05-3
Molecular formula: Pd/Al2O3
Appearance: black ball
Carrier: alumina

Application scope:

Used for industrial waste gas purification, hydrogen peroxide production.

      Palladium on alumina catalyst is a chemical with the formula Pd/Al2O3. Cas No: 7440-05-3, palladium content: 0.3%, 0.5%, 1.0%; Specific surface area ≥150m2/g, particle size ≥96%; Room temperature sealed dry storage. Application: 1. Purification of industrial waste gas and wastewater 2. Hydrogenation of aromatic aldehyde, aniline and its derivatives, nitroaromatic, aliphatic compounds 3. Production of hydrogen peroxide. Achievements: 1. Mass production was realized in 2001, which was applied in industry and proved to meet the expected performance index. In 2018, we reached a 20-ton cooperation project with sinopec. 2. Cooperate with Japan sanling co., ltd. to develop the oxidation of industrial exhaust gas, and make use of the generated gas heat, and achieve gratifying results. 3. Obtained the invention patent and patent number in 2012; ZL201210078272.4.