Ru catalyst

Ru catalyst
   Ruthenium catalyst in aliphatic carbonyl compounds with aromatic ring, hydrogenated to milder conditions, showed high activity and no side effects, when the reaction system in the presence of water, ruthenium catalysts show higher activity, resistant to sulfide (this is the general factors of poisoning of precious metal catalyst), stable in acidic or alkaline solution and ruthenium catalyst can be used in the acid reaction.

◆The hydrolysis of aliphatic carbonyl compounds into alcohols

◆Reduced aromatic hydrocarbons

◆Reduction of pyridine

◆Nitrile is reduced to a primary amine


Fischer - Tropsch reaction

◆The selective hydrogenation of diolefins into monolefins did not migrate

◆Hydrogen reforming of hydrocarbons

◆Methanol decomposition


◆Furfural reduction

◆Hydroperoxide decomposition

The breakdown of diazonium

◆Ammonia decomposition

◆Reduction of thiophene