Pt catalyst

Pt catalyst
    Platinum catalysts are widely recognized as noble metal catalysts, which show high activity in hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, etc., and are widely used in the selective hydrogenation of reductive alkylation, carbonyl hydrogenation and nitrification compounds.

◆Reduced aromatic hydrocarbons

◆The phenol is reduced to cyclohexane

◆Reduced nitrogenation of aromatic hydrocarbons

◆Aromatic nitroso compounds are reduced to amines

◆Halogenated nitrification selective hydrogenation of aromatic hydrocarbons to halogenated amines

◆The imide is reduced to an amine

◆Oxime is reduced to alkylamine

◆Furan is reduced to aliphatic alcohols

◆Reduction from pyrrole to pyrrolidine


◆Reduction alkylation

◆Silylation of chloride

◆Aromatic hydrides are selectively hydrogenated

◆Reduction of polycyclic compounds

◆A ketone is reduced to an alcohol

◆Liquid-phase oxidation