Palladium On Alumina

Cas No: 7440-05-3
Molecular formula: Pd/Al2O3
Appearance: black ball
Carrier: Al2O3

Application scope:

Used for hydrogenation reaction, industrial tail gas purification, hydrogen peroxide production.

   Palladium alumina is a chemical whose molecular formula is Pd/Al2O3. Cas No: 7440-05-3, palladium content: 0.3%, 0.5%, 1.0% Specific surface area 150m2/g, particle size 96%; Seal and dry at room temperature.  Application:  For hydrogenation of aromatic aldehydes, anilines and their derivatives, nitroaromatic and aliphatic compounds   Achievements: 1. Realized mass production in 2001, obtained application in industry, proved to reach the predetermined performance index in practice. 2. Cooperate with sanling zhuzhou type society of Japan to develop the oxidation of industrial exhaust gas and utilize the generated gas heat, and achieve gratifying results. 3. Obtained the invention patent and patent number in 2012; ZL201210078272.4.

P&C parameters

Pd content
0.3±0.02%  0.5±0.02% 1.0±0.02%
Particle size distribution
Pore Volume
Specific surface area
CAS no.
Particle size distribution 
≥96% wt%
Loss on ignition  
Bulk density  
Static water adsorption
Static n-hexane adsorption
Coefficient of variation in crushing resistance
Wear rate
Water content