Sulfuric Acid Palladium

Cas No: 13566-03-5
Molecular formula: PdSO4
Molecular weight: 202.48
Appearance: reddish-brown crystalline powder

Application scope:

Catalyst, raw material for synthesis of various palladium compounds and catalysts. < br >?The benzylating agent. < br >

    Palladium sulfate, PdSO4, red-brown crystalline powder, Cas No: 13566-03-5, molecular formula: PdSO4, molecular weight: 202.48, dissolved in cold water, decomposed in hot water. Boiling point: 330 oC at 760 mmHg, vapor pressure: 3.35 e-05 mmHg at 25°C, the shade seal storage at room temperature. It is mainly used as an analytical reagent and in the preparation of lemon salts. Pd +H2SO4 =PdSO4+H2 in the preparation of palladium sulfate, Pd +H2SO4 =PdSO4+H2, reduction of palladium sulfate, Pd2+ oxidation is quite strong, with iron powder, zinc powder, aluminum powder should be able to.

P&C parameters

Palladium content
Reddish brown crystalline powder
Molecular formula
The molecular weight
The vapor pressure
3.35E-05mmHg at 25°C
CAS no.
The boiling point
330oC at 760mmHg
Iron (Fe) content
Chlorine ion (Cl-) content