Ammonium Tetrachloropalladate

Aliases: ammonium chloropalladate, palladium diammonium tetrachloride
Cas No: 13820-40-1
Molecular formula: (NH4)2PdCl4
Molecular weight: 284.31
Appearance: red-brown crystalline powder

Application scope:

Preparation of catalysts and reagents.

   Ammonium tetrachloropalladate is a chemical substance with molecular weight of 284.31, molecular formula (NH4)2PdCl4, yellow-brown crystalline powder, Cas No: 13820-40-1, density: 2.17g /mL, palladium (Pd) content: Pd 37.4%, iron (Fe) content 0.01%, total metal impurities 0.05%, commonly used as a reagent to make catalysts. Dissolve in dilute sulfuric acid. Room temperature dry sealed storage.

P&C parameters

Palladium content
Red-brown crystalline powder
Molecular formula
The molecular weight
The density of
2.17 g/mL
Total metal impurity
CAS no.
Iron (Fe) content