Potassium Hexachloropalladate

Aliases: potassium chloropalladate
Cas No: 16919-73-6
Molecular formula: K2PdCl6
Molecular weight: 397.33
Appearance: red powder

Application scope:

Preparation of noble metal catalyst

      Potassium hexachlopalladate is a chemical substance, also known as potassium chloropalladate, with molecular weight of 397.33, molecular formula K2PdCl6, red powder, Cas No: 16919-73-6, density: 2.738 g/mL, boiling point: 105oC, insoluble in cold water, slowly dissolved in hot water. It is soluble in water, and when boiled with water, it releases chlorine, which decomposes at 175 degrees in the air, producing chlorine gas. Mainly used for preparing noble metal catalysts. Solubility: insoluble in cold water, dissolve slowly in hot water. Storage: dry and sealed at room temperature.

P&C parameters

Palladium content
Red powder
Molecular formula
The molecular weight
The density of
2.738 g/mL
The boiling point
CAS no.
Iron (Fe) content
Total metal impurity