Palladium Oxide

Aliases: palladium monoxide
Cas No: 1314-08-5
Molecular formula: PdO
Molecular weight: 122.40
Appearance: black or dark green powder

Application scope:

Decarbonylation of aromatic aldehyde; < br > Hydrogen absorption preparation additive; < br > Resistors in the low resistance range of the electronic industry; < br > Raw materials for components such as potentiometers and thick film line materials for electronic industry; < br > The catalyst. < br >

   Palladium oxide, molecular formula PdO, molecular weight 122.40, black or dark green powder, Cas No: 1314-08-5, palladium (Pd) content 86.0%, density: 8.3g/mL, iron (Fe) content 0.005%; Palladium oxide is stable in air. Insoluble in water, dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute nitric acid and hydrobromic acid, decomposed into Pd and oxygen at about 750 degrees, insoluble in water. Seal and dry at room temperature.It is mainly used for 1. Decarbonylation of aromatic aldehyde; 2. Hydrogen-absorbing preparation additive; 3. Resistance in the range of low and medium resistance in electronic industry。

P&C parameters

Palladium content
Black or dark green powder
Molecular formula
The molecular weight
The density of
Specific surface area 45~65m2/g
CAS no.
Iron (Fe) content